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Computer Screen vs. Sunscreen

With the dog days of summer fast approaching I often fear that I will find myself wasting away in front of a computer instead of spending time in the sun. The accessibility of technology has allowed us to let this become socially acceptable, however, I personally, do not find it so. Whether it be checking your e-mail or your favorite blogs, many of us can find ourselves asking ist1 6972550-laptop-and-grass

“Where did the time go?” after realizing that hours have passed and we have wasted our time in front of the computer screen. To help you make the most of your time online, I want to share with you some of my tips of making the most out of screen time.

Tip #1: I will only ever check my personal e-mail, blogs, twitter homepage and pinterest in the morning. I will set up an alarm on my phone allowing myself a certain amount of time for each site. For instance, 15 minutes to visit my 5 favorite tumblr/blog sites, 10 minutes check my e-mail and respond to messages and 10 minutes to visit other various sites, such as pinterest and twitter, and to only watch youtube videos on the weekend.

Tip #2: I will confess, I have numerous web accounts for tumblr, youtube, pinterest, you name, I probably have it. Make the most of these sites! On tumblr, follow all of your favorite blogs, when you sign in, it will only show you the most recent blogs. Same thing for youtube, pinterest and twitter.

Tip #3: If you don’t want to have numerous web names and passwords to remember, then you can sign up for the e-mail or twitter options to notify you of when your favorite blogs have posted an article, this will save you time and avoid you re-reading the same article over and over again.

Tip #4: Limit yourself. I try to record my favorite t.v. Shows and watch them most or all on one evening. Try making an evening out of it, invite the girls over and munch of healthy snacks, while watching your favorite programs together.

Remember, memories are not made behind the screen of the computer. Next time you catch yourself wasting your valuable time behind the computer screen, try my tips, and let me know how they’ve worked for you!

‘Til next time,

Jess ;)

(You can find me on all sites mentioned under the username MissJessEss.)



Ottawa Welcomes Buns/Abs of Steel Star Tamilee Webb

For Immediate Release


Attention: General Assignment, Health, Wellness, Fitness, Ottawa Local Events


OTTAWA, April 27, 2012 – The woman who gave us Buns of Steel is back with the secret of lifelong fitness.  Tamilee Webb will be in Ottawa to launch the e84 Challenge in partnership with EvolvHealth at the Living at One Wellness Centre, 160 Bank Street on Monday, May 7th from 7-9pm.

Webb has aligned with EvolvHealth as their spokesperson because she believes in their mission to help 8.4 million people with their nutrition and fitness goals through the e84 challenge.  The 84-day health challenge is designed to help individuals to make small daily changes to get in shape and stay on track long term.

EvolvHealth is a health company with an initial goal to help 8.4 million people realize their health, fitness, wellness and life goals by completing their own e84 Challenge. The e84 Challenge is powered by 4 core categories designed to improve health and well-being: Nutrition, Exercise, Energy and Support.

“EvolvHealth is extremely excited to have joined forces with Tamilee Webb,” says Founding Member Deborah MacDonald of EvolvHealth Ottawa. “Tamilee’s name is synonymous with looking good and feeling better; we are so pleased to have her as part of the EvolvHealth team.” Webb has sold more than 10 million copies of her “Buns of Steel” and “Abs of Steel” videos worldwide since first jumping onto the fitness scene in the late 1980’s.

Learn more about Tamilee Webb and the EvolvHealth e84 Challenge by attending the Ottawa launch event at the Living at One Wellness Centre, 160 Bank Street on Monday, May 7th from 7-9pm. Guests will enjoy free admission and tickets for EvolvHealth members start at $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Log on to http://ottawae84challenge.eventbrite.ca  to register.

For more information:
Deborah MacDonald                                                   
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Mind Over Matter: Physical Health vs Mental Health

Hello there!  

I just had to share my good friend, Jessica's message with you!  I believe these two subjects are absolutely linked and Jessica explains it so well with the research she has done and sharing her own experiences.  I know there are a ton of people out there, who can relate to Jessica and our hope is that you will comment or share your thoughts.  Please pass on to others as we both want to get the message out about taking charge of our lives and creating a healthy happy lifestyle.  -  Cheers!  Deborah MacDonald, Evolv Success Coach

physical mental
I want you to think back to a time when you weren’t at your healthiest. To a time when you didn’t jog every other day or lift weights or do yoga or pilates. Now that you remember how you felt physically. I want you to focus on how you felt mentally. Were you always tired? Often in a bad mood? Felt miserable? For many of us, myself included, we often do not correlate working out with how we feel. After all, when you take care of your body, you take care of the physical aspect of your body and not the mental, right? 
Growing up, I struggled with depression, I was physically inactive, ate an unhealthy amount of junk food and was just plain miserable. It wasn’t until I started to workout and take care of my body that my body began to take care of me in return. I’m not talking only physically but mentally as well. I began to like what I saw in the mirror. I felt more confident, better able to communicate my thoughts and feelings, and better able to handle stress and overwhelming experiences.
According to Daniel Landers, I’m not the only one whose body has had this positive reaction. In fact, “Exercise was shown to produce larger antidepressant effects when: (a) the exercise training program was longer than nine weeks and involved more sessions (Craft, 1997; North et al., 1990); (b) exercise was of longer duration, higher intensity, and performed a greater number of days per week “. Basically, what Landers is telling us is that if you stick with physical activity for two months, 63 days, that you’ll feel better, look better and be happier. 
Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘63 consecutive days of working out?! I can’t do that?!’ No one is saying that you spend an insane number of hours at the gym, and become a body builder, that is in no way healthy or realistic. So let’s put this in perspective… if you spend only 20 minutes a day taking a walk on your lunch break, going for a jog or doing a yoga video, you’ll reap better rewards than sitting on the couch watching TV.  While snacking on your favorite bag of chips…. And let me tell you this, no one ever felt crappy or bloated after going for a walk, but can you say the same after scarfing down those bags of chips?
In addition to the 63 consecutive days of Fitness, I’m going to ask you to keep going on the 63rd day and bump up your activity for the next 21 days. Don’t worry, you are not alone, obviously, I’m doing this with you too!  Make sure you tweet me your progress @MissJessEss and let me know how you’re letting yourself evolv in 84 days;)

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Keep Evolving,


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How would you like to earn prizes, rewards, cash and maybe even trips for getting healthier?   We invite you to Evolv your life in 84 days to a healthier you.  Helping you save money, save time and get healthy in one simple challenge.  We believe anybody can commit to small changes in their health and their lifestyle over an 84 day period.

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