Computer Screen vs. Sunscreen

With the dog days of summer fast approaching I often fear that I will find myself wasting away in front of a computer instead of spending time in the sun. The accessibility of technology has allowed us to let this become socially acceptable, however, I personally, do not find it so. Whether it be checking your e-mail or your favorite blogs, many of us can find ourselves asking ist1 6972550-laptop-and-grass

“Where did the time go?” after realizing that hours have passed and we have wasted our time in front of the computer screen. To help you make the most of your time online, I want to share with you some of my tips of making the most out of screen time.

Tip #1: I will only ever check my personal e-mail, blogs, twitter homepage and pinterest in the morning. I will set up an alarm on my phone allowing myself a certain amount of time for each site. For instance, 15 minutes to visit my 5 favorite tumblr/blog sites, 10 minutes check my e-mail and respond to messages and 10 minutes to visit other various sites, such as pinterest and twitter, and to only watch youtube videos on the weekend.

Tip #2: I will confess, I have numerous web accounts for tumblr, youtube, pinterest, you name, I probably have it. Make the most of these sites! On tumblr, follow all of your favorite blogs, when you sign in, it will only show you the most recent blogs. Same thing for youtube, pinterest and twitter.

Tip #3: If you don’t want to have numerous web names and passwords to remember, then you can sign up for the e-mail or twitter options to notify you of when your favorite blogs have posted an article, this will save you time and avoid you re-reading the same article over and over again.

Tip #4: Limit yourself. I try to record my favorite t.v. Shows and watch them most or all on one evening. Try making an evening out of it, invite the girls over and munch of healthy snacks, while watching your favorite programs together.

Remember, memories are not made behind the screen of the computer. Next time you catch yourself wasting your valuable time behind the computer screen, try my tips, and let me know how they’ve worked for you!

‘Til next time,

Jess ;)

(You can find me on all sites mentioned under the username MissJessEss.)




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