Take the e84 Challenge...and Pass it On!


E84 Take the Challenge...Pass it On is a new campaign by EvolvHealth, one of the fastest growing health companies in North America with a vision to empower 8.4 million people worldwide to be healthier, have more energy and implement fitness in their lifestyles.

People are in poor health,overweight and stressed out. They are tired of being sick and tired. The e84 program addresses these concerns. It's all about small changes that develop new habits. It inspires people to change their lives. It's about being different and becoming confident over the 84 day period that you will feel healthier, energetic and younger. It's a movement and a cause to make changes in our own health and is taking North America by storm.  


So what is your 84?
The e84 program is a real game changer. Evolvhealth is not just another weight loss company. What sets it apart from all the others, is the FREE on-line exercise program, the FREE mindset program and the FREE support to help you be accountable to your personal health goals. It's easier and more fun when you are doing the challenge with others who will help you stay accountable to your goals.  The program is designed to empower and inspire you. The company goal is to challenge 8.4 million people to win with the e84 program.
It's simple. Pick one of the e84 packages designed for you, follow the directions and engage in the FREE mindset program and FREE fitness program. That's all you need to do. Before you know it, the pounds will shed, your energy will increase and you will better and younger than ever.
Deborah MacDonald, Founding Director says, " EvolvHealth is giving everyone an amazing opportunity with their unique health system. It's not just about weight loss. It's about getting healthy and passing it on to others. The focus is on engaging others to join you in making a commitment to their health. The support, recognition and giving to the EvolvHealth Foundation is incredible.  This program alone can set you free!"
There's lots of perks when you become a member. You can get your products for FREE by recommending it to others who start on their own e84 challenge. There is recognition and rewards for those who complete the challenge. The other bonuses of the compensation plan are the best in the industry and designed to inspire people to share the benefits of the e84. As your customer base grows, so does your paycheck. It's a win-win for everyone - better health and better finances. Why not get in on the movement?
For more information,  email us and one of our team members will be in touch with you.  We look forward to hearing from you! 


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